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| December 6, 2014

We have all been there. That sickening moment when you realise that one of your valuables or a bag has gone missing. This is a horrible experience when you are near the safety of your home in familiar surroundings, but one that is seriously amplified when you are on the road and a lot more vulnerable both physically and emotionally. Fortunately a new solution to lost valuables and baggage is on hand thanks to an innovative Australian company.

Idtagit_61172Idtagit are a progressive start-up who hail from Sydney and their bright, simple new product is very New World in its no messing set-up, as Idtagit Director and Co-Founder Jo-Anne explains: “Losing items can be heartbreaking, costly and a serious hassle. I was just sick of losing stuff and wanted to create a lost and found system that was incredibly simple yet also very effective, discreet and affordable. It essentially increases your odds of getting lost property back.”

The way it works is you just log on to their website and order their tags. The tags are then mailed direct to your home address. We liked that they sent two types of tag – one a more traditional label that could be hung around things or just popped into bags, pouches, purses and the like. The second type were sticky tags that really stuck to everything we popped them on such as an iPad, laptop, laptop bag and travel pouch. You could stick them to just about anything. The tiny tags are unobtrusive too and seem very hard to break. As they don’t have any electrics in them you also don’t have to worry about spilling liquids on them.


Once you have placed your tags where you want them, you access a secure area of their website. Here you enter each tag’s individual ID number and a description of what each item is. We have a low tolerance for web processes that take time, but this could not have been easier. We also liked that once you have done this that is it, you don’t need to track the items, add updates or anything at all. The way it works if that is if one of your items goes astray and is found, the finder contacts Idtagit through their website and they inform you by text or email. You can then arrange to have your belongings reunited with you.



InsiderScotland Rating

We Liked: A simple and cost effective way of keeping track of your prized possessions and your luggage on the road. Easy to understand tech too.

Not So Good: The little tags could do with a call to arms to say something like ‘Please go to this website’ rather than just having the website on them. But this is more of a useful tweak than a real issue.

Performance 8/10

Looks 8/10

Value for Money 8/10

Overall InsiderScotland. Rating 8/10


To order your Idtagit tags just go to the Idtagit website and order direct – the link is


* Note that this blog post is brought to you in conjunction with Idtagit.


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